Stills photography shoot

Late last year I was hired by Kojo creative as a stills photographer for a GSK film shoot.

The set itself was so wonderfully put together, with one of the scenes mimicking a doctors surgery from the early 90’s. When I wasn’t too busy photographing, I loved taking in all the details (old desk top organiser, manila folders, a little kangaroo ornament souvenir…..).

Just as impressive were the crew and talent who were so professional that we were able to complete the shoot in one day.

I reaaalllly enjoyed myself and would love to do something similar soon! Here are a couple of my favourite shots from the day.






Commissioned graphic novel


I took some time off from posting “businessy” things over January. It’s February already (what??) and so I’m keen to get back in to sharing what I’ve been up to. So let’s start with this piece I finished off late last year.

A lovely person approached me to illustrate her words as a short graphic novel. It was to be a one-off hand made piece, a gift for a close friend of hers.

My illustrations used pen and water colour paints. I then made a cover with thick card and hand bound it all together using cotton. As a finishing touch, I added some stars and planets to the cover using a silver pen.

What a pleasure it was to complete. MOAR PLEASE! COME AT ME!

Bombard Bill about christmas number four for those in Manus + Nauru


Can you believe this will be Christmas number FOUR for those detained in Manus + Nauru? Please think for a moment how much has changed for you since four christmases ago….think of your life then and now. These innocent people still wait. And wait.

This length of time filled with uncertainty is taking a massive toll on their mental health. It is now a state of emergency that they are given freedom and safety ASAP. Let’s come together and contact Bill Shorten, demanding a Labor Party who are unafraid of taking positive action for our friends languishing in Nauru + Manus.


WHEN: Bombard Bill Shorten between December 19 + 22.
HOW: Contact him on Twitter & phone: @billshortenmp // 02 6277 4022
WHAT TO SAY: Emphasise this will be Christmas number four for those detained offshore. The length of time and uncertainty is torturous and is taking a massive toll on these innocent people. This is an emergency. We need to end this ASAP and give them freedom and safety. We need a Labor Party unafraid of stepping up and doing the right thing.

buy my stuff


This nakey dancing lady I drew is celebrating the fact that I now have a Society 6 page! Yew! Buy all the things! Or don’t, I won’t know if you personally didn’t, it’s okay. Really.

I have photo prints, paintings (prints) and even t-shirts and phone cases. I will be adding to it over time, but there’s certainly lots to choose from already.


Do I do character design? YASSS!

A while ago I finished working on an amazing project. It involved creating characters and illustrations for an educational app to help prevent racism. Read more about it here.

This morning however, I heard back from the client who needed a specific graphic for promotional uses. The graphic was to have all of the characters together as a group. I suddenly realised how many characters I designed and developed for the one app; 30 in total! It also reminded me how much I love working on character design. There’s something so wonderful about using your imagination and creating a little being. Every detail is so deliberate to building that character’s personality.


Artwork for the Victorian Opera

I recently had a stint at Melbourne creative agency, Trout. They popped me on a beautiful project creating artwork for Victorian Opera’s 2017 program guide. After working on these, I am genuinely excited to try and catch a couple of the performances next year. If you’re curious to see the full guide, you can visit their website here:

Editorial illustrations for The Guardian: Part One

It seems I’m on a roll with The Guardian, which is good news for this Guardian fan girl. They are doing a six part series on the impact robots will have on our work and lifestyle.

Part one starts with this paragraph, which gets my mind racing: When Aristotle described “the complete happiness of man”, he thought it would include, among other things, “self-sufficiency, leisureliness and unweariedness”. Unfortunately the philosopher concluded that “such a life would be too high for man” – it was suitable only for the gods. All the same, he encouraged humanity to keep striving to get as close to “complete happiness” as possible.

Read more here, it’s a pretty neat article.