WIP: Post-Impressionist BFF’s

I’ve recently become a member of Illustrators Australia who have a yearly exhibition for their members. We’re all sent out a 9×5 plank of wood to paint on and this years theme is “Play time”. It’s taken me some time to come up with an illustration which isn’t overly obvious. But an idea came to me quite randomly while going for a walk (though this is how ideas often come to me).

I was thinking about the friendship between Van Gogh and Gauguin, how legend tells us they were rather close while also being quite argumentative. So I loved the idea of a playful illustration with Van Gogh giving Gauguin a piggy back ride. Kind of sums up a sense of closeness with a touch of antagonism. I don’t think either of them thought they were better than the other (or did they?). But it just felt right, Van Gogh’s personality considered, for him to be trudging along doing the heavy lifting, cementing his devotion to his friend.

Oh my goodness, if only my high school art teacher could see me now! I used to hate going in to detail about art theory and symbolism, but look at me go! So much nonsense over a lil illustration.

So yes, the sketch is ready, but I need to paint a background before transferring these guys. I’m thinking a rolling meadow with lots of flowers.


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