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me_langkawi_webWHO IS MEEKINS?

Meekins…aka Sarah Gleeson, an illustrator, photographer and graphic designer who also happens to be an imaginative, daffy and dedicated human being. Human rights and general positive social change are of great importance to me.


Professionally, I’m experienced in all sorts of creativity ranging from branding, illustration, print and web design. I’ve worked for large and small agencies, internationally and locally. I also love to work on one-off commission pieces such as caricature portraits or turning a customer’s words in to a beautiful graphic novel.


“I hired Sarah to design a logo for my company. I had a rough idea of what I wanted the logo to be and Sarah took it and delivered exactly what I wanted (and made it better). I get constant compliments on the design. She’s also a wonderful person in general.” – Amanda Gowland, client

“Sarah’s work is a delight and we are really happy with the work that she has done for our company – we are always getting compliments from works that she has produced for us. She will take on a brief professionally, but with heart.” – Cassandra Cavanagh, client

Say hello to me at this here email address.