lunar planner design

The moon and I have a bit of a thing going. I love seeing its friendly face in the sky, reminding me of how phases will always come to pass. For this reason, I feel rather lucky to continue working with the lovely Ezzie Spencer of Lunar Abundance on her branding and design projects. The latest project being this mammoth 2015 lunar planner, which I admit was completed a little while back and am only just now thinking to share. The image below is just a cropped version of the planner in hopes of encouraging you to hop on over to Ezzie’s website and download it for free (^-^) It makes for some pretty special wall swag, or you can just refer to it digitally. You’d be surprised about how much the ebb and flow of life makes sense once you start following the phases of our moon!



New year, new blog and an old wish


To keep myself inspired I will try to keep up a blog of my latest endeavours and designy/artsy crushes. I figured for my first post which happens to land at the start of a new year, it might be fun to play around with the numbers of 2015 them self.

As soon as I started sketching out ideas, I realised that I really wanted to create something which spoke of new beginnings and a chance to make amends. The world and all of it’s funny little people running around (you and I) could really do with a moment of closing our eyes and thinking about PEACE. Being peace.

“Whether one is rich or poor, educated or illiterate, religious or nonbelieving, man or woman, black, white, or brown, we are all the same. Physically, emotionally, and mentally, we are all equal. We all share basic needs for food, shelter, safety, and love. We all aspire to happiness and we all shun suffering. Each of us has hopes, worries, fears, and dreams. Each of us wants the best for our family and loved ones. We all experience pain when we suffer loss and joy when we achieve what we seek. On this fundamental level, religion, ethnicity, culture, and language make no difference.” – Dalai Lama